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The 2024 Chicago White Sox

Famous (infamous?) owner Bill Veeck said “There are only two seasons-winter and baseball” (hey, that’s the name of my site, that’s weird!) It’s meant to differentiate that crappy time when there is no baseball season and that wonderful time when there is a baseball season. My other favorite weather and baseball related quote is “People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring.” by Rogers Hornsby

I can’t help but think that neither of these men are talking about the 2024 Chicago White Sox. The Chicago White Sox are 3-16 and have been shut out 7 times so far. That mean 36 percent of the time White Sox fans are tuning in to watch their favorite team and not even seeing their team score a run….that would make me wish for winter. Their odds of making the playoffs according to is less than .1 percent. This is with an expanded playoff and we are in the month of April in a division that hasn’t been that strong in recent years (though the Cleveland Guardians are off to a very good 14-6 start and the American League does have good teams who would be in the running for the wild card.)

The 2024 White Sox have caught my eye as I love the stories of bad sports teams, especially bad baseball teams. I enjoy reading about the histories of the St. Louis Browns and the Boston Braves. I love trying to compare any teams numbers with the 1899 Cleveland Spiders (who actually had a worse record than the White Sox do at this point which seems impressive. Or terribly unimpressive.) The 1899 Spiders are considered the worst baseball team ever but one has to keep in mind that the owner of that team also owned another baseball team and would exchange good players from his Cleveland team to his other team, the St. Louis Perfectos. Now, the White Sox owner does own a second team but it’s in another sport (however, it would explain a lot for both of his clubs if Jerry Reinsdorf was exchanging his basketball players and baseball players. Actually… did kind of happen once if you remember obscure Minor League baseball player Michael Jordan who was only known for that)

As a Cubs fan I find this hard to enjoy. Growing up, even though the teams were in different leagues, there was a pretty heated rivalry between the Cubs and White Sox amongst my peers. The games between the 2 were rather intense and while the Cubs were always more popular the White Sox were the better franchise from beyond the 40’s (granted it was kind of by default as the Cubs were atrocious from basically the late 40’s to the 80’s with some interesting teams sprinkled in) As a Cubs fan it was difficult for me to decide who I liked less between them and the St. Louis Cardinals. After I moved from the region, after the Cubs won the World Series and Hawk Harrelson retired and honestly the more the teams play I have come to dislike the White Sox less. They were fun to watch when Jason Benetti and Steve Stone worked in tandem and I still love Len Kasper as a broadcaster on the radio side. The 2021 team was an interesting team to watch after the Cubs had a major sell off and proceeded to not really try the following season (even with the presence of Tony LaRussa who I never liked much) The White Sox seemed primed to mimic the 2016 Cubs and then….just didn’t. Injuries happened and now they look like they could be historically awful. There’s even been rumblings of them moving to Nashville (which I hate. I also don’t think it will happen but who knows. I wish the league would expand instead of relocate. I know expansion can water down a league but there’s enough global talent in baseball that I think it would catch up.)

A picture of a White Sox Jersey
I believe this is the same jersey the Sox wore when they made the series in 1959. I think the living members of this team may be able to give the current Sox a game granted there’s only 4 by my count and they are all in their 80s

In all of this I just end up getting frustrated that an 88 year old man with billions of dollars who owns two teams (one of them is my team in the Chicago Bulls) just doesn’t seem to care about on field product. I don’t mean to be too morbid with this but what exactly is he saving all that money for. I know I’m a fan and not a businessman (though this non revenue driving site is kind of a business, right?) but I feel if I was in this position I would act like this is my real life Out of the Park Baseball game and try to win championships in my final years.

But with all that said, I hope if the Sox are going to be bad this year. Go all in. I want 110 losses, not some week 95 losses. I want a record for shut outs. I want completely entertaining futility. But, hey, if they lose 120 games it still wouldn’t be the most embarrassing thing a team in franchise history has ever done.

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